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Notice To All Customers of Etex Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

On December 10, 1997 the Public Utility Commission of Texas designated Etex Telephone Cooperative, Inc. an “Eligible Telecommunications Carrier” for its service area for universal service purposes. The goal of universal service is to provide all citizens access to essential telecommunications services.

Etex utilizes Dual Tone multi-frequency signaling (or its functional equivalent) and provides single party residence (with unlimited local usage) and business service for rates which range from $7.75 for residential customers and from $14.52 per month for business customers. This includes access to:

  • Long distance carriers – available from $0.12 per minute
  • Emergency services – available for $0.50 per month
  • Operator services – available for $0.70
  • Directory assistance – available for $0.85 per use
  • Telecommunications Relay Services – available N/C
  • Other services designed to persons with disabilities – available N/C
  • Toll blocking – available for $1.75 per month

Additionally, Etex provides one copy of its annual local directory without charge.
Touch Tone service is available for a charge of $2.00 per month.

Etex will provide you with specific rates for your area upon request.

As of 1985, Etex offers qualified customers Lifeline Service. If you are a Low Income customer you may qualify for Etex’s Lifeline Program. This means you may receive a monthly discount for your basic phone charges. This service also includes a discount for line connection charges and free toll blocking for qualifying customers.

Please call Etex Telephone Cooperative, Inc. if you have any questions.

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