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Additional Phone Services

Long Distance Plan

Unlimited minutes for only $29.95 per month.

  • Call anywhere in the U.S.
  • No sign-up fee
  • No special phone or equipment needed

For Etex Telephone Cooperative residential use only. No call detail will be provided. A call detail will be available for $5 per month more. This is a non-premium service. Usage over 5,000 minutes is considered commercial and is not eligible. Prices are subject to change upon notification of customer.

International Long Distance*

Customers must already have a Flat Rate Long Distance plan with Etex Telephone Cooperative. Per minute charges will apply for each country called.
*International rates are subject to change.

Rates, Terms & Conditions

800 Numbers*

Etex Long Distance 800 Number: $5.00 per month and $.12 per minute

An 800 number fits everyone’s life and benefits:

  • Families with kids in college
  • People traveling
  • Families who live in different states
*800 number calls made from a pay phone also include a $ .30 surcharge.

Account Code Billing

Control Your Long Distance Charges–Get 5 secret codes to key in before making a long distance call!

  • Great for parents to control who calls long distance
  • Good for small businesses to control long distance dialing at work
  • Perfect for anyone interested in curbing long distance calling

Offer available only for ETEX Long Distance customers. You may also purchase additional codes in groups of 5 for an additional $5 per month.

Wire Maintenance

For only $2/month, the Maintenance Plan covers all wiring repairs and the cost of the jack. It even covers your telephone if you lease it from Etex Telephone.

Customers who do not subscribe to the maintenance plan will pay a trip charge as well as for repairs made. These costs could be $75 or more, depending on the repair and how long it takes to make the repair.

If you have wiring problems in the attic, it could take two men to make the repair and that could start adding up. Even something small like repairing a wire that an animal has chewed through can be costly. With the Maintenance Plan from Etex Telephone, these repairs are covered. To sign up for the Maintenance Plan, call our business office at (903) 797-HELP.

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