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Etex Telephone Cooperative offers e-signature on service subscription to provide more convenient customer service when ordering from the Etex family of services. In order to receive the service desired, the customer establishes proof of identity such as photo ID (specify practices allowed i.e. SS#, bank account) and signature can be accepted using the following electronic signing process. By indicating in the checkbox or signature line and date provided, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of service/or family of services that are displayed in the service description presented in this contract.

Customer Privacy Your electronic signature and related subscriptions are considered proprietary information known as Customer Proprietary Network Information. The Cooperative does not sell, share, or disclose your CPNI without your written permission. Provisions of Federal Trade Commission, Federal Communications Commission, and Texas Business Code governs these practices and are not exclusive to consumer protections.

Paper Copy A paper copy of the agreement or subscription that you have signed using electronic signature can be provided upon customer request. The customer may elect to not use e-signature for service ordering and instead visit our Business Office during operating hours.

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