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Any device.
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With the ultimate WiFi, you can have
the ultimate connected experience.

Welcome to theConnectivity That Never Quits

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Next-Level Gigabit
WiFi Performance

Dual band WiFi 6, with the latest 802.11ax technology, optimizes your network traffic and connectivity speeds.

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Manage Your

Setup your WiFi, set prioritization of all of your devices and applications, and resolve connectivity issues easily—all from the Etex Internet Manager App.

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Fully secure. Built-in 24/7 protection from external attacks with ProtectIQ Powered by Etex Internet Manager

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Ultimate Fast WiFi starts with 5GHz technology

With dynamic frequency selection (DFS), The ETEX WiFi Router unlocks 15 channels in the least-congested 5GHz bands, providing more bandwidth to every device you connect to.

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Serve more devices with dedicated channels

Gives every compatible device its own dedicated full-speed WiFi connection, so that multiple devices can connect at the same time without slowing down the network.

Ultimate Performance

The Ultimate WiFi experience is driven by amazing Dual-band WiFi 6 (802.11ax) performance to reach every corner of your home.

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blast wireless connect


The ETEX WiFi Router gives you the tools to fully power your connected life. With robust security and robust bidirectional bandwidth, you are ready for any device.

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Lightning Fast

The ETEX WiFi Router offers those engaged in heavy bandwidth applications such as gaming, peer to peer file sharing and video streaming, the best performance with the access you need when connecting many devices with multiple usage scenarios.

The ETEX WiFi Router

Etex Internet Manager

Performance. In real time.​

The ultimate connectivity command center, the new Etex Internet Manager app gives you the power to control every device’s performance. Right from the palm of your hand.​

  • Movie night, binge watch marathon, or just streaming content, prioritize your device or video watching to make sure your experience is uninterrupted.
  • The ultimate gaming command center, the app enables you to optimize how multiple devices perform—no matter how many that might be.
The ETEX WiFi Router
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Protect. Every. Device.

Frontline network security protects every device connected to your WiFi. ProtectIQ Powered by Etex Internet Manager will stop treats, attacks and intrusions at the front door.

The ETEX WiFi Router
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Command Center

Easy router setup. Real-time traffic monitoring. Guest networks. Automatic firmware updates. Control it all from the Etex Internet Manager app.

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