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It has been said the TV advertising is the shortest distance between you and your customers. Advertising with Etex can help make your business more successful with a custom solution designed to meet your advertising needs.

With Etex, you can:

  • Advertise affordably on television – the most powerful marketing tool.
  • Target our unique region so there is no wasted coverage.
  • Attract a local audience with exciting video which gives you the best advantages of TV, Radio, and Print.
  • Etex helps you connect your local business to over 7,000 homes across Upshur, Wood, Harrison, and Marion counties

List of networks we can advertise on

  • A&E
  • BET
  • CNN
  • Discovery Channel
  • ESPN
  • ESPN 2
  • FAM
  • FOOD
  • FOX Sports Channel
  • HGTV
  • History Channel
  • Lifetime
  • Spike
  • TBS
  • TLC
  • TNT
  • The Weather Channel
  • USA

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