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Internet Packages

Looking for high-speed internet? Etex offers four different packages to suit your needs. Whether you are a serious gamer, or just a casual surfer, we have an internet package just for you.

Check your current internet speed.

All prices are before taxes and surcharges, and are subject to change.
Broadband packages are available only to residential subscribers in certain areas. Some restrictions apply.
If you are subscribed to an older package, you do not have to upgrade. If you wish to upgrade to the new packages, there will be a one-time $6.50 service order charge.

Static IP Address $25.00*/mo

Interested in online gaming or hosting your own website? Planning on connecting your computer to a VPN or allowing remote access through a chosen software? We can provide you with a static internet protocol address (numerical identification) that will always be associated with your computer.
*Additional services require an active broadband connection

Clear Access $5.99*/mo

Looking for an easy, understandable way of managing your internet? Etex now offers an internet control guide to provide you with safe, simple, and sufficient internet usage every time you log on. Clear Access enables customers to control their internet filtering, downloads, amount and time of usage, and more. Service also includes a wireless access point for your home. Discover why Clear Access is the clear choice in broadband solutions.

*Additional services require an active broadband connection. Etex will replace your Clear Access router for FREE at any time if it becomes broken or damaged.