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Digital TV Packages

PVR service $6.99/mo

You can record your shows, fast forward, and rewind. Our service offers many highlights and features you’re sure to love!

PVR Service Features

  • Automatically record every episode of your favorite shows.**
  • Search for shows by keyword, actor, title, or sports team.
  • HDMI interface for pure HD experience.

Product Highlights

  • Control live TV with pause, rewind, instant replay and slow-mo.
  • Lifetime Warranty included while on ETEX E-Vision.
  • Equipment fees are waived with a 2 year service contract.

HD Channel Package + PVR service only $19.95/mo

Whole Home PVR* only $3/mo extra

Watch and schedule programs from any set top box in the home.
Only available to customers with existing PVR service.



Use your smartphone, tablet or computer to view the current schedule and record your favorite shows.

These services are available to subscribers in certain areas, some restrictions apply. Non-PVR set topboxes can schedule and play recordings, but cannot pause live TV.
PVR services do not support recordings from two digital cable channels at once or from over-the-airantenna, and only supports recording from cable sources.
HD installation charges may apply. Etex EVision is not available in all areas. Customers must besigned up for Basic Digital or Enhanced Digital TV Packages to sign up for HD Channels. Current Etex Video customers may call 903-797-4357 to find out about eligibility requirements. HD service will have to be prequalified in some areas.
All prices are before taxes and surcharges, and are subject to change.